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We brought Josephine out for the season opener at Bremerton Raceway and put a few hits on the quarter mile. Josie was running like a Swiss watch and looking great. It was good to be out racing again after a long winter off. We saw some friends and enjoyed the smell of race gas and burning rubber.

I like local bracket racing and I intend to do as much of it as possible this year. I have big dreams for our NHRA program but I know that my bread and butter through drag racing is local. This is where I get business that helps to pay for the racing. It's hard to believe but I've been racing at Bremerton and Seattle for almost twenty years...

Tomorrow we'll be at our local pinewood derby races. My kids have their cars ready and it's supposed to be a nice day so we're going to bring Josie out for the car show. It should be fun.