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Mar 30, 2015

On March 22 we unexpectedly lost our friend Stephen Graves, known by all as Step. The cause of death is complicated to explain so we'll just call it a major stroke. He died quickly. The news sent shock waves through the Wagons of Steel team and our little island town of Vashon Washington. Everybody loved him so much, it's hard to get our minds around the loss. I keep expecting him to call me or see him in the driveway detailing a car. I just can't quite believe he's gone. I guess that's just the way it is when someone you love dies suddenly.

Step was a great man. He was strong, he was honest, he worked hard and he was loyal to his friends. I was blessed to know him. He loved being a part of the Wagons of Steel team. He started out by sweeping the shop floors and detailing all the race cars and tow rigs. He loved going to the race track, mixing it up with the other racers and the spectators. There was no one more dedicated to promoting Wagons of Steel than Step. He never happier than when he was standing on the starting line watching one our cars race.

Step knew my kids from the time that they were born and they loved him like an uncle. They were devastated when he died. He's seen this team through all kinds of things, good and bad. He was always a voice of wisdom and reason for me. He was one person that I always knew had my back, no matter what.

Good bye, Step. Rest in peace, my friend.

Feb 12, 2015

Congratulations to Jody Lang for wheeling his Wagon of Steel to the win in Stock Eliminator at the season opening NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. There was no luck involved, it was all skill, baby. 6 round wins included a stellar defeat of reigning Super Stock world champ Peter Biondo by a scant .003 of a second. Nice job, Jody!

We've sent a bunch of engine parts to Dan Dvorak in Waldo Florida. He is going to create a high compression 426 for us to compete with in 2015. We hope to be faster than ever before. The NHRA has made some horsepower factor changes to the Max Wedge which will allow us to run lighter than ever before and we hope to take advantage. Wish us luck!

We still have some calendars and 2015 racing schedules if you need.