We made it all the way from Seattle to Gainesville, 3150 miles, put a new engine in our race car, raced in two events then drove home again. It was a heck of a trip!


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Wagons of Steel

In days past, it's the kind of idea that would have started with about eight beers but now I'm getting old and I attribute plans like this to the "bucket list". I always wanted to race in the Gatornationals and this seemed like the time to make it happen. I have the truck, the trailer, and the crew. Let's make it happen. My friend Steve Ryland and I hit the road on Monday night at eight thirty and drove in shifts until we arrived at my friends Albert and Elizabeth Holland's place in Gainesville on Thursday at 2:30 AM, fifty one hours! 

We ate a fantastic meal, the first of many at the Holland house, and kept them up for the rest of the night before taking a little rest. We got up and dropped the trailer and race car off at Dan Dvorak's place a few miles up highway 301 in Waldo before heading down the road to Dade City to visit my parents for a couple of days. On Saturday I drove to Tampa International Airport and exchanged Steve for Mike Brenno aka Dr. Big Block. After another night at my parents' ranch we headed back to Waldo to get to work on the motor swap.

The motor swap went pretty smoothly. We were working on the floor since Dan's pride and joy, a '64 aluminum Hemi Plymouth occupied the lift. We learned a lot of stuff, considering that we have put motors in our wagon many many times. Stock Eliminator is arguably the hardest and most detail oriented class in drag racing. It was awesome to learn the tracks of the trade from an old master like Dan Dvorak. After three days the "orange monster" was in place and it was time for a test drive up and down highway 301. That was a blast! There was a road crew out working on the shoulder and I absolutely made their day! Everything checked out okay and we loaded the wagon up for a test and tune session at Gainesville Raceway. 

The air in Florida is always terrible for internal combustion. Even though the whole state is basically a sand bar at sea level, the "corrected altitude" is usually above 2500' and of course the heat and humidity are off the charts. It's like being in a feverish child's mouth. Even so, the wagon ran two tenths faster than usual right out of the trailer. With some tweaking it went even faster. 

Welcome to Wagons of Steel! 

"The Station Wagon is the best design of car in every way!"

Albert Einstein