Welcome to Wagons of Steel! 

"The Station Wagon is the best design of car in every way!"

Albert Einstein

Wagons of Steel

We made it all the way from Seattle to Gainesville, 3150 miles, put a new engine in our race car, raced in two events then drove home again. It was a heck of a trip!


This weekend we will be bringing the big Savoy Wagon out to the races for the first time since the Gatornationals. We will be racing at the Division 6 race at Spokane Raceway. On the Thursday before the Divisional, however, we will be duking it out for bragging rights with our friends at Wagons of Steel North in their freakish wagon, El Chupacabra II. We beat them like a drum the last time we lined up against each other at Pacific Raceways and we've both been fine tuning our machines ever since. Last time we faced off, I took a bunch of ballast out of my wagon, which has a strict weight minimum for Stock Eliminator racing. This time, however I will be running at the "C/SA" weight of 3905 pound minimum with driver. It should be a lot of fun!


Get your limited edition Gators or Bust Tee Shirt for just $20. Each tee purchased will get us 150 miles down the highway! Email me gaffo@wagonsofsteel.com or call 206 463 5017 before February 29.