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North West Nationals
Aug 14, 2015

We made it to the NW Nationals again with our trusty 1964 Plymouth Savoy wagon and we did better than ever. We went all the way to the fifth round before going down to our friend Steve Wann in the semi finals on Sunday afternoon. It was a fun ride.

Running heavy at "C" weight, the car was slower than in our usual "B" weight but it was consistent. More importantly, we were able to avoid facing off with the usual assortment of B/SA big block Camaros or any other "C" cars, all of which were much faster than us.

I was told that I should be expecting a check in the mail (no jokes, please) and it was great to race our beautiful wagon in front of 40,000 spectators on Sunday afternoon. It just goes to show you, when it's your time, make sure to show up!

Jun 21, 2015

We finally got the Savoy back together and out to the track. It's been 8 months since I've driven her so I needed to get some serious seat time to get ready for this year's NHRA action. First stop was a two day bracket racing event at Bremerton Raceway. I got lots of time only runs in before being eliminated in the first round on Sunday. I jumped back into the "cash bash" and won one round before falling asleep on the starting line and loading up my trusty wagon with my tail between my legs. It was okay, the car performed flawlessly, going consistent mid 10.80's at 121+ mph, well under my 11.40 B/SA index. The most important thing is that nothing is broken!

Next we went to Jim Storms' and James Boyce's Stock/Super Stock combo race at Pacific Raceways. While not technically an NHRA event, many Division 6 Stock and Super Stock racers show up and it's a good race. I also signed up for "Pro" bracket and it's a good thing because I only got one round in S/SS before giving it up to my friend Steve Schwab on the starting line with an .020 red light. I fared better in Pro, winning four rounds before sending our buddy Dave Wicken off to the semifinals in his gorgeous 'Cuda by losing an incredibly tight double breakout. I was on the brakes at the finish line but still manage to put down a 10.80 (on my 10.83 dial), which certainly would have been at least a 10.79 if I'd kept my foot in it. The car is really flying again!